What should you do if your Amazon Prime delivery is late or missed?

What should you do if your Amazon Prime delivery is late or missed?

As Amazon Prime members, people have been benefitted a lot. The service allows a customer to enjoy Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, free Kindle e-books, and unlimited photo storage, exclusive access to great deals on Amazon products and more. But, there are some instances, especially in case of Amazon prime delivery; people received the packages a bit late or not at all.  In such cases, a customer gets the option to have Amazon live chat.

However, Amazon Prime owners also get some extra advantages to relieve the discomfort of a non-delivery. If the item either comes outside of the time-frame Amazon offers you at the time of delivery or never shows up at your house, you may be eligible for a free one-month subscription to Amazon Prime, which is extended as a free month at the end of your current Amazon Prime subscription's expiry date.

Keep a check over fake sellers

The problem of fake sellers on Amazon is a common event now. Fraud is worryingly quick to pull out of here. A fraudster opens a new Amazon vendor account and picks famous products to market. If Amazon's vendor platform is used, it only takes a few seconds. Usually, they're trying to list products for less money than most stores are selling for.

When orders are issued, the individual automatically means that the item is on its way to the courier. This is what releases the funds to their account. By having an approximate arrival deadline of four weeks, the merchant will beat Amazon's two-week payment period and vanish before the customers start moaning and Amazon shuts the account.

However, Amazon has taken serious steps to tackle such event in order to safe gourd the values of customers.

How to get compensation for your late amazon delivery?

Here you may have get to know that you would be eligible to receive compensation for your late Amazon delivery. It is worth to understand the right process to submit your request.

You can access the Amazon Help to get more information about the process via Amazon chat support.


How do I contact amazon by chat?

You can get the help from Amazon despite the issue. Amazon allows their customers to contact the customer support team after following these steps.

Follow the steps to report your issue during a live chat on Amazon website.

  • Login into your account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the footer section and click on the Help at right.
  • The page offers many options which you can prefer to make changes to your account and other services.
  • Else, scroll down and hover on the “Need more help” under the browse help topics.
  • You get the “Contact us” option.
  • Once you click on the same, the page offers you multiple options all under the range of Amazon services.
  • Choose a delivery, order or return option.
  • You get the drop down list under the Tell us more
  • Pick  the “Where my stuff”
  • You will get the multiple options under the “Did you know?” to explore about the issue
  • You can opt to contact with the Amazon via phone or chat.

Once you click over the chat option, a window will pop up. Here, you can chat with an Amazon associate and tell him/her about the issue. If they your issue valid, in this case your order is late or not delivered. The Amazon associates can offer you one month free subscription. It will start just after your current prime membership would end.

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