Five Significant Gmail Utilities that Least of Us Know

Five Significant Gmail Utilities that Least of Us Know

Who does not know Gmail, it is by far one of the most popular mailing utility across the globe. Every one of us agrees with it, love it, and most people say that they can never ever suppose to forget it is a process to acquire another mailing service. And why not, Google has completely revolutionized the mailing technology after introducing Gmail. In this post, we'll discuss a few splendid Gmail Features that are not open to most of the Gmail users. I hope it will make you a smart Gmail user when you process Gmail Sign in next.

Mail Scheduling

There are various cases when you have to reply to a particular email on an urgent basis without thinking more about it, but you want it to be seen by the recipient as per your choice. With the "Schedule send" feature of google, you can do it. So let's see how can you do it!

While composing an email on your web browser, instead of clicking the main part of the send button, you need to click the down arrow on the right side of the button, and then click option, "schedule send".  After that choose one of the suggested times when you want to send the mail. You can also pick a date & time option to do the same.

Smart Composing

This awesome time-saving feature was added by Google in the April month of the previous year. In short, the feature gives you the suggestions in the form of related phrases and words which you might be using to compose the mail. To enable smart comose, go to Gmail settings->general->smart compose, and then switch on writing suggestions.

Confidential Emails

Confidential emails is the second feature that is known by the least of users. To use this feature, you need to click the padlock/clock icon seen at the bottom or top menu button on the phone. Here select option, "confidential mode". Choosing this option, you can stop mail being downloaded, copied, printed, or forwarded. Setting the expiration date of mail, it will be deleted from that point in time.


If you have a habit of procrastinating things, then this advanced feature of Gmail is going to give you plentiful support. This feature is helpful for you at the time when you have to send some important emails to office colleagues, and then forget to follow up. Enabling nudges in the Gmail settings option will drop back previous mails in inbox based on appropriateness along with a suggestion for follow up.

Search Emails By Date

It is the old Gmail feature, but a very good one to know and take into usage if you're still unknown about it. If you are in the process to send and receive a bunch of emails with some recipient on some similar topics, then this feature will help you filter emails by date. This feature will not only save you time but also increase your productivity.

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