Why is My Google Not working?

Why is My Google Not working?

Google Search is a simple tool that responds in great numbers. Movie timing, a hard-to-chew word that is mentioned by a friend or colleague, which you don't quite know, can be answered with an icon on your home screen.

In fact, using Google search has become such second nature for users that it can be quite annoying if most users stop working. Cases have occurred when Google Maps not working and if it is not responding to searches or when Google is not displaying results. Here are ten ways to deal with these problems if they arise:

How do you fix Google has stopped working?

If Google not working? how to fix it?

Now that we've talked about the potential  Google issues that can cause Google orders to stop responding, try to fix the Google problems-

Clear the basics

First of all, we will need to see if the main functions of the smartphone are the bottleneck here.

The top of the list is checking for hardware problems, especially the microphone. Ironically, this issue is most common on Google-owned Pixel devices. There are several Android apps that allow you to test your smartphone's microphone.

Another very simple and straightforward method that can fix the "Ok Google" not responding problem is to clean the microphone hole. Sometimes dirt or other debris can enter the microphone opening, blocking the passage.

Although it is highly unlikely that the Google app will lose access to the microphone resolution. You can find this in the Android permission manager and fix it as shown in the images above.

The Google app is not working.

Sometimes the Android app itself can behave disproportionately. This may be due to a newer update, or there may be bugs in the application itself.

If the Google app isn't responding, try Force Stop by going to App Settings on your Android device.

It is possible that the "Ok Google" commands stopped working right after you installed a new Google app update.

Go to Google Assistant settings

If Google assistant not working after we have tried all of the above methods, let's move on to the original source - Google Voice settings.

Just go to Google in Android Settings, tap on Search, Assistant & Voice, and then tap on the Voice section.

Disable Bixby [for Samsung Users]

If you have a Samsung phone, Bixby may interfere with Google Assistant. Classic Samsung!

Therefore, you first need to turn off Bixby's wake-up voice to use Ok Google on your Samsung smartphone. And given Samsung's stubborn nature, it's best to simply turn off anything remotely called Bixby or S voice on your Samsung smartphone.

Look For Support

It is possible that the Google Assistant problem is occurring all over the world as we speak, and Google has already made a statement to that effect.

To see if everyone is having the same problem: “Ok Google” isn't working, check Reddit, Twitter, and the Google forums for information about the bug. Perhaps the fix for not working Google Voice has already received a thousand votes.

Why is my google services not working?

Google users may encounter an issue such as Google calender not working on desktop, so this blog will help them and resolve the issue. So, they can contact the Google support number for help at any time. However, Google Chrome is an excellent browser that has earned the title of the fastest speed. Users have repeatedly noted. It is also one of the best in the fight against viruses, Trojan horses, and other infections on the Internet. Therefore Chrome has become more popular in recent years. But even the best ones are not immune to bugs and bugs, and you can also run into a situation where Google Chrome not working.

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