How To Add Signature To Gmail Account? Take Google Customer Support

How To Add Signature To Gmail Account? Take Google Customer Support

Did you create a Gmail account and want to add signature to your account? You just need to tap the Gear button in Gmail and select the “Settings” option. Afterward, scroll down your cursor and enter your signature into the “Signature” field. Basic text signatures are fairly straightforward, but you can also create more advanced signatures that include links, logos, and formatted text. Google Customer Support is already available for your help if you have any confusion regarding your signature to add in Gmail account.

Relevant Methods To Add Signature in Gmail Account

The desired possible methods for adding your signature in your email account are mentioned underneath. So, instead of looking here and there for help, look forward at below-noted instructions:

Method 1: Add Basic Signature

Here is what you should do for adding basic signature in your Gmail account:

  • First login with the email address that you actually want to add a signature
  • Open the “Settings” menu by clicking on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window
  • Now, scroll down the “Settings” menu until you find “Signature” tab
  • Type anything that you'd like into the signature field, and use the text formatting tools to give your signature a custom look. For signature, you generally need to enter your name, place of employment and title, and your contact information.
  • Add the links to your signature by clicking the Link button at the top of the signature text field.
  • If you have multiple email addresses associated with your Gmail account, you can add different signatures for your different addresses. Simply, click the drop-down menu above the signature text field to choose the address that you want to create a signature for.
  • Now, choose where you want the signature to be appeared in your mail. Check the box beneath the signature text field to have the signature appear before any quoted replies. If you don’t make it checked, the signature will show up at the bottom of the message, beneath any quotes.

Method 2: Add Images To Your Signature

The beneath information will let you to add images to your signature. If you are unable to do that with the following guide, you can even acquire Google Support for the desired steps. First let’s try the following:

  • If you want to include an image to your signature, make sure the image is available online so that it can be linked to. However, you can upload image directly from your computer to Gmail to use signature. So, let’s upload an image to an image hosting service.
  • Once the image has been uploaded, copy the image’s URL
  • Click the “Insert Image” button above the signature text field and new window will open. Paste the image URL into the field in the new window to successfully add the image.
  •  Next, you have to adjust the size of your image according to your requirement
  • At the end, click “Save Changes” button to save the signature and happily use it in your mail

How Do I Contact Google Customer Support?

You can freely contact Google Customer Support via placing the Google service number. There is no time bound for making connection with Google experts as the number is accessible 24x7.

What Is A Google Number?

When you are wandering for the reliable and quality assistance for getting the answer of your Gmail related query in hand, then dialing Google Number will be effective for you. You will get in-hand solution at doorstep once call on the provided number.

How Do I Contact Google By Phone?

It is very necessary to making Contact Google experts through phone for one-stop quality based solution to your problem. So, if you got fail in adding the signature in your Gmail account, don’t worry! Just give the ring on provided number and stay tuned without any interruption.

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